LOU #1: There are Stanley Cup rings from a bygone era of clutch and grabbing, the trap, and a totally different NHL.

There is LOU #2 which is the post-lockout GM signing older vets to overpaid and longterm contracts in NJ’s later years.

LOU #3: Then there is the question of “How much Lou, how much Shanahan, and how much Dubas” that was in Toronto the last few years? And a few mixed results. 

So far Lou has shown in his first NY Islanders free agency thus far a tendency to be the 2nd Lou. 

Yes, both NHL UFA Day 1 signings of Valtteri Filppula and Leo Komarov have uses as role players in the bottom six. God knows the Penalty Kill sure sucked last year. No argument there. However, Komarov got a 4 year deal with No Trade list (can list up to 7 teams he doesn’t want to be traded to). Filppula is only a 1-year deal but has a no-movement clause. 

For bottom 6?

It is a bit odd, to tell the truth.

Yes, both players wore the A for their former teams. This is true as well. 

The concern and fear I have with Lou Lamoriello are that history tells us he still values the pre-lockout skill sets over modern NHL and analytics. 

This is what might bother me the most. We have seen this perhaps with his latest signings plus his deals back in Toronto for Matt Martin, Roman Polak, etc.

I know what you are saying: But, BD, he hasn’t even done a big trade yet! Have some patience! 

Very fair point. I admit I might be getting ahead of myself. Perhaps I am just overthinking things. 

Speaking of which…

It’s funny, everyone expects big trades, but it then makes me wonder what were Lou Lamoriello’s big trades? Corey Schneider for a high 1st rounder? Anderson for late 1st? Getting Phaneuf off the books? A bunch of negligible trades in Jersey?

See, look for yourself: 


So we are not looking at a trade history like Rutherford in Pittsburgh or anyone like that. Lou has not been a blockbuster trade type of guy. 

The reason I bring this all up is that there seems to be a big fan expectation for Lou to hit a homer or grand slam this offseason via the trade avenue. But he really doesn’t have a great track record of really doing those type of deals. Can he anyway? Sure. But I do think history here provides a bit of concern, at the least in regard to the high expectation.

Thus I admit to you my anxiety. 

My biggest fear of all is that Scott Malkin bringing in Lou Lamoriello is much like signing the 36-year-old former star player to a big contract because of his name. How much fan mentality went into that decision process as opposed to an owner’s sound business decision? How much panic? 

This is not to argue that moves needed to be made. This is in who they got. Afterall, the Isles never asked permission to speak to anyone else. For example, Paul Fenton, who went to Minnesota.

Will Lou fail? 

God, I hope not. Hey, I’ll be optimistic and say probably not. After all, he at least has gotten Barry Trotz to coach on Long Island. And god knows, the Isles organization and player development sure could use an enema.

But these deals really do remind me of that deep-set fear. This I have to admit. I would like to see a bit more modern habits and outlook in regard to new NY Islanders players.  


Anxious NY Islander Blogger