In my 9 years of writing about the NHL, the NY Islanders, and Nassau, I have never asked for anything of fans (besides perhaps the great sinking of Kate Murray’s DA campaign).

Today, I am going to ask you of something. I ask you for your support and to get behind a fellow Islanders fan and his family who are going through a tremendous loss. 

Fellow Isles fans, Seth & Lauren Cohen, lost their daughter  to a rare and hidden disease just a few weeks ago. Maya Rachel Cohen, a spunky, vivacious 5-year-old who loved the Islanders, died suddenly of a rare and hidden heart condition on December 13th. She was an amazing kid who loved life, coloring and the NY Islanders. When asked to draw her self-portrait, she chose to draw herself in an Isles jersey.

Cohen Family established a fund at the JCC MetroWest in West Orange called Maya’s Rainbow.

Maya Rachel Cohen’s favorite thing in the world to do was color and draw and she was especially fond of rainbows.

“I have never been the type of person to ask for help: pride and stubbornness likely the cause,” said Seth Cohen has shared. “But, for this, I am putting my pride aside and I am coming to you asking for help. I am hoping you will help me bring Maya’s rainbow to life by making a donation to her fund.”

I am making support for his GoFundMe a priority and I ask of you to do the same. 

I ask for everyone’s support for a fellow Isles fan and their family that is using this to help focus their pain and grief into something positive in the name of their tragically lost daughter. Let Maya’s Rainbow become a bright and lasting light!

I ask of other bloggers to spread the word. I ask of other fans to do the same. NHL fans everywhere need to help support one of our own.


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