Isles Win Game 1, Now Onto Game 2 TONIGHT

Isles Win Game 1, Now Onto Game 2 TONIGHT

islesbeatanalysis1Looking at Game 1

Analytically last night was no banner game for the NY Islanders. But, as I cited in our last blog, these games are more about how a best player and goalie play as opposed to looking at the Corsi stats for players….

Which is why and what mattered in game 1. Best player and best goalie in game 1 belonged to the Isles

CORSI is not possession, which is usually touted game after game. It is shot attempt differential (though some incorrectly view them as equivalent), and CORSI is not predictive of individual games but predictive when larger samples missing. Therefore a game for game view of CORSI really doesn’t help get a sense of how team or players really play.

Simply… the amount of goals are far more predictive of games and a short series.

So, supporting players like Josh Bailey, Kulemin or even Alan Quine are not going to win or lose this series.

This is about John Tavares and Thomas Greiss. As they go, so goes the team. In fact, if the Isles were to somehow win a cup this year, 100% guarantee that one of them would be the MVP.

So overall, the team didn’t play great BUT best player was best player, goalie was better goalie, so therefore the Isles got the win. Any further analysis is mental masturbation. It’s why playoffs are a different animal.

Tonight, we will see their best versus ours once again as Greiss starts in goal vs Luongo. Pay attention to them and JT vs Jagr.


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