Does Brett Yormark’s Greatest Hits Keep On Coming?

Does Brett Yormark’s Greatest Hits Keep On Coming?



It’s been a learning curve for many Isles fans to deal with the change to Brooklyn, Barclay’s Arena, and even dealing with the tone-deafness of Barclay’s personnel, Security and Ticket Service. Yesterday, another potential Brett Yormark “special” came down the pike thanks to an interview with Sports Illustrated. This has led to many a fan reaction to his following wordage that we picked out of it…

  Here is the exact statement from Yormark when asked about changing the obstructed seats:

” I have to ask about the obstructed view seats. There’s been a lot of criticism. How much have you heard from fans and is there any movement to change it?

“Our seating capacity is over 15,700. Within that capacity there’s a lot of great seats. Do we have some obstructed seats? Yes we do. Are fans aware of those obstructed seats before they purchase them? Yes they are. There’s really nothing we’re going to do from a capital improvement standpoint. You can watch the game on your mobile device. The game is on the scoreboard. There are many ways to view the game if you’re in one of those obstructed seats. We aren’t going to be able to change the seats in the building. That is what it is. But there are certainly other ways we can enhance the experience.”
– Brett Yormark to


Look, any IslesBeat listener will know if you been following along that the likelihood of the Obstructed Seats at Barclay’s changing is next to none. Barclay’s aim is to expand a lucrative Brooklyn and NYC market, push corporate seating and Luxury Boxes. Thats where their money will be made. However, in what has been a long line of tone-deaf statements and antics, for many this is just another reason to irk and upset a sensitive fanbase. Reaction to his interview was immediate on message boards, Facebook groups, and on Twitter.

One Isles source suggested we should separate the attitude from the message. They felt he was merely being honest. It allows fans to know cheap options exist, even they are obstructed. Though, they did concede that Yormark’s point ((once again)) has been poorly made. I think we all can agree on this no matter our stance on the issue itself.

That latter thought is precisely MY ISSUE, as I sounded off last night on the IslesBeat podcast. For a PR guy, he makes a lot of poorly thought-out and poorly worded points habitually.

The perception it gives is an overall arrogance and lack of finesse. The wordage, attitude and missteps just shows that Barclay’s Center really doesn’t seem to care about Long Island fans; who are going through one hell of a learning curve. According to a source: it also reflects a general tone-deafness that even the NY Islanders organization is also going through in dealing with their new landlord. It’s not just US folks.


Last Night’s IslesBeat:


Right now Barclay’s is losing money and losing fans by being obtuse, and just plain ignorant of their current customers, likely because their eyes seem firmly affixed to other prizes.


You reap what you sow.


As I recommended before and I say again: Barclay’s Center best path is to connect and work with the NY Islanders fans (perhaps the Booster Club) so they can get their take on attitudes, suggestions, recommendations and just plain understand the majority of Islander fans.




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  1. Frankly BD – the Brooklyn folks dont even realize that there is a Booster Club. We have never been reached out to. They (Bklyn) just look at the loud crowd (with no disrespect at all to the folks in 228) and figured they were the fans to look for..

    The NYIBC has been around since DAY 1. Yes – day 1. But to Yormark and the gang, you would never know we are a blip on the radar.

    • That is a crime.
      I just figured the majority were so anti brooklyn that they never made the trip.
      There’s no reason why the culture of the team can’t move with them 25 miles…and the owners dismissal of the nyibc is indicative of his desire to reach the’Cosmo’ fan. Hate to break it to you brett…the isles are always just one injury (to one particular guy) away of being irrelevant..and the Cosmo fan is not going to support an irrelevant franchise. The nyibc will..hedge your bets..

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