What Ails These NY Islanders? Is It Time To Panic?

What Ails These NY Islanders? Is It Time To Panic?



We all can see that the team is still not firing on all cylinders yet. Yet, the team remains only a point out of first place. They remain 7-4-3.

Yes, they are currently in a scoring slump. In fact, they are not playing their winning formula of possession game quite yet.

Furthermore, the kids struggling a bit, and in a scoring slump as well. Anders Lee is on track for 40 points, which is a step backwards, especially in how used/needed. Ryan Strome is languishing even worse. Both are key to the Islanders planning this year on taking next steps. Even Nick Leddy is not quite at the level he was last year.


BUT… is the sky is falling?

Should the coach should be fired?

Are these kids busts?

Is this is all due to Garth being incompetent?

I don’t think so.


Fact is, 61% of points have been accrued (64% this time last year).

But here’s the question….

Which teams don’t have scoring slumps? Add also that 3 of the 4 games of this slump were without the Isles top player in John Tavares.

Plus, which young players do not have speed bumps?

Above all, does the Isles record and do the standings reflect the fan panic?

And there we have it… No.


There is no doubt that the penalty kill and the stellar goaltending have propped up these NY Islanders. But isn’t that what good teams do? When one part of the game is suffering or not producing, isn’t another part of the game and players supposed to step up?

Fact is… yes, this team is not quite there yet. Despite this fact, there are other things in play. Other elements and facets of the game are stepping up and making a difference.


We are far from the panic button, but it is something to watch as they start a new 10 game stretch at 1-2-1. However, all it takes is two wins in a row to set things right.






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  1. Still think if this team wants to contend, we need another star player. Look around the league, and you see Seguin/Benn, Crosby/Malkin/Kessel, Towes/Kane, Perry/Getslaf, etc. We talk about depth all the time, but is it really there? Yes, our 4th line is outstanding, and quite frankly, the only line playing with enough heart in 2015. But if the rest of these guys (many of them making 4mm a year) keep playing a flaky, perimeter game, we’re toast. So last year our specials were worst in the league, so they solved that. But at the expense of scoring? The frustrations as an Islanders fan NEVER end, so I guess last year was a fluke and we should all cling tightly to the memories of a season that ended in another first-round exit.

    This all just adds salt to the Barclay’s Center wound, which is gaping right now.

    • It is a fair point in that they could use an all-star level player. However, getting more people to Barclays isn’t their problem anymore thanks to their guaranteed $$$ deal.

      • No, it’s not their “problem” in the sense that the money situation is a constant. But a half-empty, silent, and just generally awkward home arena is going to affect what’s happening on the ice more than people realize. I’m not talking about some far-out “collective consciousness” effect on the team. Look at last nights game to see what 21k die-hard fans can do for the energy of a team. It’s just a shame that they’re back to playing in front of less than 10k of their own fans at home. This season has a horrible feeling to it already, and I think a move needs to be made in some way or another to jump-start the team. They’re snoozing through every damn game.

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