IslesBeats Good Reads: NHL Drama Edition

IslesBeats Good Reads: NHL Drama Edition

We all knew this was coming….

PuckDaddy with their take on it. 

Forbes with their take on how NHLPA has a good case against the NHL. 


The Patrick Kane situation is a very rocky terrain: The Committed Indian has a good grip on just that. 


Pascal Dupuis writes for the Players Tribune on why he’s coming back to play for the Penguins. 


Ryan Lambert on the NY Rangers low-risk deal with Jarret Stoll. I think the signing just shows the NYR haven’t a clue about analytics, as they get another guy in severe decline and terrible statistics. But, Ryan does make a good point on how NYR seems to be looking for low-cost grit for the 4th line. has a look at the NY Islanders and the rest of the Metropolitan Division of the NHL





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