The Kyle Okposo Conundrum

The Kyle Okposo Conundrum

Ryan Kesler, a very good but not elite player, just got a 6-year extension from the Ducks that averages 6.875 million per year. Kesler hasn’t scored over 70 points since the 2010-2011 season.


Maybe they are apples to oranges, but the writing is on the wall that the Isles have a lot of thinking on tap because KO might be looking north of 7 million per year.


There is a big decision coming up for the Islanders in regard to Kyle Okposo…. who was well on his way to over 70pts last season before being injured.


This decision for the Islanders is really a series of questions that will await an answer as it goes around and around….



1. Is Kyle Okposo worth 7+mil for 6-7 yrs in terms of absolute value and in terms of the Islanders impending salary/cap situation? 

2. If no, which team will think KO is, AND of those… who will have space for him?

3. OF the teams who have space, IF they value him: will they give the Isles a player rather than just picks/prospects?

4. Will that return be worth it?

5. Back to #1
Have fun playing. I believe this will keep going in circles until someone is willing to provide a return in a key player. Until then… don’t get dizzy.



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  1. It would be a shame to let KO walk

  2. 1-Hell no!
    2-I do not know, and do not care
    3-You can expect about the same return that Saad or Lucic netted. So not much.
    4-Something is better than nothing. Just ask the Hawks, Bruins and Leafs
    5-Still Hell No!

  3. 1. Definitely not, and Kesler is a better player than Okposo and a center, so I dont really see the comparison other than that he just signed a contract that was probably an overpay by the Ducks anyway.
    2. I don’t think any team feels Okposo is actually worth 7 mil+ a season
    3. If the Islanders HAVE to move Okposo because he is unwilling to take a slight hometown discount to stay, then they must get players back in return. No deal if prospects/picks.
    4. That would depend on any potential deal that would be made.
    5. He’s really not worth that much money. He’s injury prone, and can I point out that three years ago he scored 4 (!) goals in 48 games? Remember how snakebitten he was that entire season until the playoffs? The argument can also be made that on paper his stats look significantly better because he is playing with an all-world, top 5 player. The Islanders would be stupid to throw that kind of money at Okposo.

  4. Chester Copperpot

    Okposo was shopped this summer, and reports are that nobody expressed an interest at a $2.8M cap hit. That will lessen his value and his negotiating leverage to well below $7m. He’ll have to have one hell of a year next year, and then hope not to be shipped to a dead team in the middle of nowhere, if he snubs the Islanders. And just like every other player who has produced as a result of being on John Tavares’s wing, his numbers will decline without JT. Boston probably won’t be able to afford him, nor Chicago or Colorado. Not Detroit, the rangers, Pittsburgh, San Jose… Not Tampa Bay or Philadelphia… And several other teams may put themselves out of the running before the 2015-16 season begins. Is Okposo really going to be able to argue that he’s worth more to the team than Tavares, who’s making $6 million?

    • Unless he comes out and puts up 40goals and a 80+pt season, Okposo is no where near worth 7m a year. Id be perfectly fine giving him $5-$5.5m a year.

      1- No, not at that price.
      2- Not sure but teams will call come the deadline.
      3- If I were the Isles, I’d look at a #2-#4 defenseman for him and a prospect/pick depending on the player.
      4- It all depends on the player Isles would get back… Potentially no because Okposo can be a 30g a year player.
      5- No, not at that price but if he dropped to $5-$5.5m a year area, then yes.

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