Summer Observation – Something to Consider

Summer Observation – Something to Consider

Washington Capitals lose Green, Ward and Fehr. They sign Justin Williams and trade for Oshie. Now they might need to let Johansson walk as they face a likely big arbitration number for their goalie. This is because the Capitals face salary cap issues. They might trade for Bozak, who is a lot less of a player than Johannson.


Yet in the eyes of many unhappy NY Islanders fans, they had a good summer.


I’m not so sure.


Conversely, the NY Islanders lose no one except an aging defenseman in Lubomir Visnovsky, who was frequently hurt, to make room for kids. Kids coming up on a regular basis will become increasingly important as the Islanders close in at the cap ceiling.  They also sign a player in Kirill Petrov. Then they trade a guy struggling to make line-up in  Griffin Reinhart (especially thanks to the longterm deals for Leddy & Boychuk). That trade essentially yields two first round picks (equal compensation to what Bruins got for NHLer Doug Hamilton), and they ended up killing the draft.


I guess a lot of people tend to forget they KILLED that draft less than a month ago.


Yet there seems to be some who felt the Islanders had a bad summer because didn’t sign people to… where? A player like Justin Williams, who will be 34 years old, is a right wing who must play the right side. Who in the top 6 of the Islanders should he have replaced? Okposo? Strome?


Or do the Isles sign Williams to be a 3rd line RW at $3.5 million per year? Oh, and then who sits?


Fact is… it makes no sense… Especially ignoring the GLARING fact that the Isles have been unable to move Michael Grabner to give them some cap breathing room. If nothing takes come camp or after, we might see Grabner become displaced and in the AHL. Then it will free the Isles to be able to address items they felt they needed to at camp.


Now I’m all for a higher quality top 4 dman, especially a top puck mover. But seems to me that things are going to have to wait to see what changes or shifts in the market at camp and after. After all, despite some frustration… fact is… it’s only JULY!


Sometimes you need to see what you have and are at stake to the market… or right now… the lack thereof. But if the Isles are right on Pulock’s development and ready for next steps… a lot of fans are going to look terribly silly with the reams of melodrama on twitter and forums.


After the emergence of Ryan Strome, Brock Nelson, and Anders Lee… you have to consider that the Islanders are a much better team when the talent churns up. Plus, if Pulock and Mayfield aren’t ready, this team still has ample time to correct or address it. The team who came from nowhere just this past draft always seems to have a plan. Why don’t we let a bit more of this offseason pass before shaking a fist at the sky, shall we?








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  2. Thank God!

    BD – the voice of reason. When we were bad – they said – let’s look at the kids. Now that we are better – they want all the stars.

    Nothing satisfies them sometimes. I think if there was a move to be made, it would have been done. Oh – by the way – they didn’t sign Jonny Oduya either???


    • Thx Gary!!! Crazy, right? I’m seeing a big disconnect in expectation and reality. Not sure if its bc of Brooklyn move or just general impatience but we live in a CBA/Cap age and when we see good players traded off or let go in next few years, maybe they will get picture.

  3. Bd
    Couldn’t agree with you more.
    Unless Edmonton was willing to deal the likes of Eberle noone in this free agent pool made much sense to me either.
    The pundits are discounting what a year of experience will mean to these guys in their progression. The talent is in place. With a mayfield like dman in the mix the size is there as well.
    Now we have to hope these cats are strength training so the health stays. The goaltending supports. And that Kyle overcomes the eye issue.

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