IslesBeat’s Good Reads – Monday Morning Edition

IslesBeat’s Good Reads – Monday Morning Edition

The excellent Stu Hackel with a piece for the Hockey News on the NY Islanders unique deal with Barclays. In this is why, as I have said for months, that the business end/Barclays has NO say in the Hockey Operations nor will it have any effect or pressure on the team. Isles get guaranteed revenue.


THN has an excellent & 100% correct piece that busts the ongoing myth that getting John Tavares “an elite winger” will turn him into a 100 point per season beast. Why? Welcome to parity in the NHL. Thus, per THN: “That’s why we need new expectations for what it means to be elite.” This and just plain common sense obliterate old arguments based on a different NHL than what we are seeing.


If you are looking for the definition of cap mismanagement, please take a look at this….







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