Cantiague Park Deal Could Become A Political Quagmire

Cantiague Park Deal Could Become A Political Quagmire

Newsday editorial today questions Ed Mangano & Charles Wang’s deal at Cantiague Park.


Could violate New York State rules.

Basically, Newsday cites New York State has strict rules on dedicated parkland used for private purposes. Newsday questions that this deal could be violation of those rules.

The more each item becomes another complaint and hodge podge political issue, the more chance everything can just end up in Brooklyn

As a source tells me: “This place (Nassau) is a corrupt pit. You watch. Someone will file suit and the NY Islanders will instantly find an alternative in Brooklyn.”


Another source had this comment:

“First, they practiced at Cantiague Park from the 1970’s to the 1990’s.  So, it’s amazing that they can claim there is suddenly some issue of park alienation.  Second, it’s a public benefit to keep the Islanders attached to Long Island and provide access to the public to watch their practices, scrimmages and player events….not to mention the additional revenue it brings to the County.”


According to some others, the opinion is that Newsday has a jaded view toward the Islanders. This editorial piece was written by their investigative reporter who has written extensively on the Islanders redevelopment plans and issues. They also note that the Newsday piece has NO attributed quotes or sources from the NY Islanders themselves.


To be fair… neither do I for this piece. 








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