New Rules Recommendations from NHL/NHLPA Competition Committee

New Rules Recommendations from NHL/NHLPA Competition Committee

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Co-chairs of the NHL / NHLPA Competition
Committee – Mathieu Schneider, National Hockey League Players’ Association
(NHLPA) Special Assistant to the Executive Director, and Colin Campbell,
National Hockey League (NHL) Senior Executive Vice President of Hockey
Operations – issued the following statement on new rules recommendations
after the Competition Committee met today in New York:

Expanded Video Review: Coach’s Challenge – The Committee recommends that a
Coach’s Challenge be adopted for expanded video review for goals that may
have resulted from (1) goaltender interference and (2) offside plays. The
video review process and all decisions on goals where goaltender
interference may have occurred will be the responsibility of the Referees
at ice level, in consultation with the NHL’s Situation Room in Toronto;
similarly, goals that may have resulted from an offside play will be
reviewed and determined by the on-ice officials, in consultation with the
NHL’s Situation Room in Toronto. In order for a coach to make a challenge,
the team must have its timeout available.

Face-Offs – The Committee recommends a change to the face-off rule,
whereby, for all face-offs in the defensive zone, the player from the
defensive zone team must put down his stick first. For face-offs at center
ice, the rule will remain the same, requiring that the visiting team player
put his stick down first.

Overtime – There was considerable discussion of changing the current
overtime format but no consensus was reached. The NHLPA and NHL will
continue discussions in the coming weeks on potential changes with the
intention for the Committee to make a decision on overtime later this
month. There will be no changes to the shootout format.

The new rules recommendations still require approval by the NHLPA’s
Executive Board and the NHL’s Board of Governors, at which point the
language of the rules will be formalized.

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